10 Best Fiber Laser Marking Machines to Buy

Now it is time to see how to buy pick the best metal laser cutting machine. Draw up this list of Fiber Laser marking Machines after screening and then carefully analyzing many devices.Although this list contains several excellent Fiber Laser marking Machines, it is important to mention that it has been arrived at after several independent studies.You should also keep in mind that many reputable fiber laser engraving machines in the world today are either based in China, the United States, or the United Kingdom.Here are the best fiber laser engraving machines in the world, in no particular order.

Videojet 7230/7330 Fiber Laser Markers

The 7230 10-watt and 7330 20-watt fiber lasers do use to mark permanent quality codes on rugged, high-density materials.It is a lightweight, compact and adaptable laser marker. It offers high speed marking, complex data, easy operation, and industry fiber laser marking machines leading integration capabilities. The design for demanding production schedules in the parts marking, food, beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and pharmaceutical industries.The laser metal marking machine is a versatile laser marking machine with a choice of 6mm and 10mm marking heads, covering a wide range of marking and coding operations.

Videojet 7340/7440 Fiber Laser Markers

The 20-watt and 30-watt fiber lasers are the first to feature the Lightfoot™ marking head, making them easy to integrate, operate, and service.The Lightfoot marking head is one of the smallest in its class in terms of size and weight in the industry, with an IP69 rating for washdown and harsh environments.It design to provide high quality, permanent codes for a variety of marking applications. Fiber laser marking machines are ideal for manufacturers of parts marking, food, beverage, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. These manufacturers have space constraints and are looking for simple integration or to make frequent, quick changeovers.

SMARTMARK® Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking systems provide industrial solutions for product identification and traceability. Fiber laser marking machines allow manufacturers to mark or engrave serial numbers, bar codes, 2D data matrices and graphics on the widest range of materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. SMARTmark fiber lasers are part of the Rockwell Automation Partner Network Reference product. It integrates into factory automation networks using native EtherNet/IP protocol and embedded controller technology.MECCO’s fiber laser machines are available in 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W, and 200W. Fiber laser marking machines are capable of marking or engraving the widest range of materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramics, and plastics. Fiber laser marking machines range from 0.5 mJ energy levels to a maximum energy of 1mJ. Each system design to provide the precise power required for your application.

FLEX Laser Marking Workstations

Laserax offers a wide range of CO2 and fiber laser markers for industrial applications if you need to add part identification to your manufacturing process. Can use them to mark codes, logos, and text on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and more.To provide you with turnkey laser marking solutions. All of their manual and automated machines have many features. Fiber laser marking machines include 100% safe laser enclosures, active dust and smoke management, integrated barcode verification, and remote support capabilities. They are also equipped with our high speed lasers to keep up with shorter production cycles.Designed for batch marking, Flex is an ergonomic Class 1 laser marking workstation. You can choose the features you need and pay only for those features. Manually operated by default, the workstation can also be automated and motorized.Can even upgrade the Flex to a fully in-line and robotic solution to increase throughput. It offers Laserax’s advanced laser technology while requiring minimal investment.

50W Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal

A metal depth laser engraver with a 50-watt fiber laser source is the best way to deeply engrave metal (guns, firearms, parts, tools, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass) and non-metal surfaces. Traditional methods such as electro (chemical) etching are relatively cumbersome and difficult to achieve the accuracy required for the process. At the same time, the high pollution of related chemicals, so many companies in the energy saving and emission reduction is under greater pressure. Fiber laser marking machines of thermal laser processing of the surface treatment can reach micron-level precision. Fiber laser marking machines’ flexible software features can also define the pre-set engraving content. Therefore, the laser deep engraving process began to have a larger market.

Metal Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Dynamic focus system of fiber marking machine

By far, the best solution for the fiber laser engraving machine to mark large objects with curved surfaces is to install a dynamic focus system. A laser metal marking machine with a dynamic system is currently the best solution for achieving minor spot focus and the largest marking. The dynamic system of laser metal marking machines is the best solution to achieve the minor spot focus and the largest marking. Fiber laser marking machines are fast and flexible, making them ideal for large objects’ surface marking.

New Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine

This fiber laser engraving machine has several power levels. It has a 20w fiber laser, 30w fiber laser, 50w fiber laser and 100w fiber laser. You can choose the right power according to your needs. This laser metal marking machine adopts the most advanced fiber laser source and high quality current scanning system in China.It can provide stable power output, perfect optical mode, good beam quality, and high speed marking, so users can get perfect results and high efficiency to meet high volume production.The fiber laser making engraving machine can work for a long time without maintenance and can meet the needs of continuous industrial work.

Economical Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine

The economic standard desktop fiber laser metal marking machine is one of the most popular high-speed laser marking. It can mark logos, serial numbers, bar codes, etc., on metals and some non-metals. This fiber laser marking machine has almost no consumables in the process. Fiber laser engraving machine is cost-effective, has fast marking speed and high marking accuracy.And this fiber laser marking machine is suitable for metal and non-metal materials, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, titanium, etc.The fiber laser engraver can also mark on ABS, PVC, Makrolon, and many other non-metallic materials.

Mini Portable Laser Engraver

Mini portable fiber laser marking machine

Laser engraving machine is also called a small laser engraving machine or portable laser engraving machine. Mini 20w fiber laser is small in size and very easy to use. And can also use a portable laser engraving machine with a handheld laser head. Not only that, fiber laser marking machines can engrave metal, but also some simple non-metal such as plastic.The small size and lightweight of the mini 20w fiber laser make it easy to carry and save shipping costs during transportation.

Handheld laser engraving machine

The handheld marking machine has high beam quality and high efficiency. So the laser marking machine can mark any part of large mechanical parts. A fiber engraving machine is a good solution to the difficulty of marking large parts. Handheld microfiber laser marking machine adopts advanced module design, which can easily mark on the surface of large objects. Handheld fiber marking machines uses widely in food and beverage, leather, packaging, cosmetics, electronics and other industries. And the fiber laser engraving machine has low energy consumption, non-toxic and is non-polluting in the process of use.

20W Safety Full Enclosed Desktop Mini Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

Enclosed fiber laser marking machine can mark logos, characters, serial numbers, bar codes on metals and some non-metals. It has no consumables. Enclosed fiber laser marking machines have fast marking speed and high marking accuracy. Its biggest advantage is that it is fully enclosed and the operation process is safer.

Non-metal fiber laser marking machine

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

40W glass tube CO2 non-metal laser engraving machine

CO2 laser marking machine is also known as CO2 laser engraving machine, etc. This CO2 laser engraving machine uses CO2 to engrave and mark on various non-metal materials, such as paper, rubber, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic, and so on. So it uses widely in footwear, garment, packaging, advertising, tobacco, food, medicine, etc. CO2 laser engraving machine adopts industrial control computer. This non-metal fiber laser engraving machine is highly adaptable and works stably, and can run continuously and steadily all day long.-

Metal tube CO2 non-metal laser marking machine

This metal tube CO2 non-metal laser marking machine is also available in many power options. The CO2 RF Tube Laser Marker Engraver is suitable for most non-metallic materials such as leather, fabric, wood, bamboo, paper, organic materials, plastic, epoxy resin, etc. The CO2 Metal RF Tube Laser Marker Engraver is a new generation laser marking system. The engraver is a new generation of laser marking systems. Fiber engraving machine’s whole operation process is more simple and flexible. CO2 laser marking machine system adopts industrial standardized module design. It is equipped with a full set of imported CO2 lasers and equipped high speed scanning mirrors and an extended focus system.

3D dynamic CO2 laser marking machine for large paper cards

The fiber laser marking machines adopt a 3D dynamic oscillator control system. It also can adjust to imported laser tubes, laser power, and cutting speed. This way, fiber laser marking machines can save energy to the maximum. The laser marking machine adopts an imported metal laser device from the USA, which has high power, high frequency, and long life. These fiber laser marking machines have the unique advantages of algorithm optimization, fast marking and cutting speed, and powerful functions.Dynamic focus fiber laser marking machines are designed for the needs of small laser spots, large working sizes and high flexibility of laser scanning. Laser metal marking machine is widely used in non-metal laser marking processes such as leather grain engraving, leather hollowing, denim fabric marking.

Fly Laser Marking Machine

Fiber Online Flying Laser Marking Machine

The flying fiber laser marking machine adopts an automatic feeding system. He does not need too much labor cost in the process of factory use. It is a highly automated fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machines combined with fast laser marking equipment, online marking production efficiency, and stable quality. Its in-line marking system is suitable for many sequential productions. The flying laser marking machine is suitable for food printing, pharmaceutical printing, cigarette coding, wire and cable, and all kinds of production lines. If you are a user who needs mass production and high marking accuracy, this fiber laser marking machine is a good choice.

Plastic pipe laser printer

This type of fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for continuous manufacturing in factories. In particular, the highest demands can place on the precision and speed of the marking laser. On the one hand, the laser machine must design for continuous industrial use. On the other hand, laser marking requires specific software that takes the workpiece’s speed into account to ensure distortion-free marking.

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